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Newsreel: The Story of the SANA

Scientists Against Nuclear Annihilation (SANA)

As the last of the SANA were assassinated in April 2017, there’s no one left to activate the computer legacy system that they built to stop the launch of nuclear missiles. Eastern Country has threatened the EU, that they’re going to burn our capitals with nuclear missiles unless we give in to their demands. The SANA were our last line of defence when diplomacy failed, and now that they’re gone the EU will have to surrender to Eastern Country.

However, we believe that there is still hope.

Before they were assassinated, the UN believes that the SANA had created a backup to their computer legacy system and that they had hidden it somewhere. This backup system, the UN believes, will be able to destroy all launched nuclear weapons. Meaning, that Eastern Country can threaten all they want and without their nuclear weapons they can do little more.

The UN has sent ten teams throughout the world to find the backup system to the SANA computer legacy system. One of the teams was sent to Helsinki, and unfortunately, because we haven’t heard from them in a few weeks, the UN fears that they had met an unfortunate end.

Eastern Country has given us a deadline!

You’re in Helsinki, we have to help us!

Register to be an investigator!

Help us find and activate the backup to the SANA computer legacy system!


With 450m2 to use in a single game, we are the largest Room Escape experience that we know. With that much space, you’ll have to be logical, reasonable and a team player to get through all the challenges and survive!

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Töölönkatu 36, 00260 Helsinki

Pekka Suomalainen

Puh. +358 44 573 8540

Phillip W. Clifford

Puh. +358 41 501 1103

Pekka Löhönen

Puh. +358 50 351 3341


Located in Taka-Töölö, Helsinki, at Töölönkatu 36, we can very easily be reached by public transportation. On the other side of the block, within an easy one-minute walk from our front gate, stops Trams 2 and 8 and many buses.

At Hesperia Park, all within a short two-minute walk from our front gate, stops Trams 4 and 10 and many busses.

Though we recommend using public transportation, there is paid parking in the area under Zone 1’s rules: – Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 21:00, paid parking – Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00, paid parking – Sunday, free parking You can find parking spaces on the streets and at Kisahalli.